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The Government is set to allow Learner Drivers on motorways some time this year (2018), provided it is in a dual-controlled car with a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)
Not all ADI's will provide this service as it is not a legal requirement, and will not form part of the Driving Test. However if you should wish to use this service (where provided), you should ask the appropriate ADI.

100 car pile up on Sheppey Bridge

M5 crash 7 dead in Somerset

Maybe you would like some extra tuition to increase your safety and confidence on the motorway.
When was the last time you read the Highway Code ?  Things have probably changed quite a lot since you did, and most certainly volumes of traffic will have increased.
Any of our instructors would be happy to assess your motorway driving skills and offer any remedial advice that may be necessary.
We are fortunate in this area to be close to the motorway network, so you could be on the motorway in a matter of minutes.
You could maybe read up on the Highway Code beforehand to familiarise yourself with the specific signs and / or regulations that appear on the motorway system, then arrange a session with an instructor.